Unfamous ~ images photographers treasure most

Unfamous, is simply a series of conversations with Photographers, about the images they love the most. The backstories of why these images are important, what they feel when they look at them. How they might have shaped them, as professional image-makers, their careers or their personal lives, relationships or their approach. Whatever it is that each image has to share.

Each episode will be short-form, aiming for 4-5minutes, and focus on a few images from one photographer, shared in advance over coffee or skype before filming at their home, studio or place of their choosing. These could be intimate moments. Moments full of heartbreak or pain. Stories of great success and triumph. Their breakthrough image. Their first published work. An image of a loved one. 

They may even be technically flawed, the focus of the series will be the discovery of the story behind these unfamous images and the image-makers approach.

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https://www.instagram.com/morganrobertsweddings/ & https://www.morganrobertsphotography.com

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Alex Ball at Wild Raspberry Co

Alex Ball