Destination Elopements

Going to the Chapel and we’re… wait, nope. We’re going on a (summer) holiday and we’re gonna get married! Where in the world would you like to go?

Really! Planning a trip away and also eloping is totally an option vs spending the same or more on a traditional wedding. I come into this slinging a few cameras and shoot several thousand photos, turn it into a beautiful stop-motion film in stunning 4K / UHD video, you of course get many excellent hi-res photos from the day too, and not everything is shot landscape, I totally get some nice portrait photos that don’t make the video. Scroll for the album!

Honestly, I’m not a wordsmith. So let’s get into what I make.

Checkout the fun family adventure to Bali that Haley, Brendan and team have, in stop-motion and still photos on their Bali waterfall destination elopement just further down.

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